Get up & Move!

Dancing is actually a powerful tool to help your child increase their confidence and self-esteem. In addition to getting kids moving, dance can give them a place where they can express themselves and find a style of dance that they love.

Enroll your child at our Salem dance studio and learn more about some of the dance styles we offer at Starr Studios Salem School of Dance.

three little girls in dance uniforms smiling and hugging


If your child has always shown an interest in classical ballet, start with one of our ballet classes. Our ballet classes use classical ballet music while creating a space where children are encouraged to explore their creativity and individuality.

From Ballet Boogie for 4.5–6 year olds to our Ballet My Way for 14–18 year olds, we have a class for children of all ages!

pre-teen dancers performing a combo routine


Can’t decide which style of dance to sign your child up for? A combo class will let them try all of these different styles, ranging from ballet and hip-hop to tap and jazz, but all in one class. Whether your child loves everything or wants to find the right style of dance for them, start with one of our combo classes!

teenage dance students performing a tap and jazz routine

Tap & Jazz

Tap and jazz dancers are encouraged to challenge themselves while building strength and self-confidence and increasing their endurance. We offer a Movin’ & Groovin’ class for 5–7 year olds along with more advanced classes for teens, including our Jazzed-Tap! and Jumps Turns and Floor Work classes.

young students performing a hip hop routine where two boys do the splits


Hip-hop is a dance style that focuses on having self-expression and improvisation, allowing your child plenty of opportunities to shine with confidence and develop their own personal style. Start your youngest in our Hippity Hoppity for 5–7 year olds or enroll your teen dancers in our Hip-Hop Til I Drop or Commercial Hip Hop classes.

Enroll at Our Dance Studio

Ready to help build your child’s confidence at our Salem dance studio? Enroll them at Starr Studios Salem School of Dance and watch them shine!