Youth Dance Studio in Salem Oregon

Where All Kids Shine

More than cute outfits and tippy toes, our experienced dance instructors help your child shine from the inside out. We use a playful, encouraging approach to build confidence and life skills.

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Magical Moments & Priceless Memories!

Imaginative, Playful Fun

Where All Kids Shine

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Where All Kids Shine

Benefits of Dancing

Dancing has never been so much fun!


Builds Confidence

Dancers build confidence as they learn how to dance some of their favorite dances, make new friends, and learn something new.


Healthy Benefits

Dancing is a form of fitness that will give dancers the exercise their body needs. Dancers will develop muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, which can help them in other aspects of their life, such as other sports.


Learn Life Skills as you Dance

Dancers will learn more about responsibility and teamwork. These skills are interwoven as they learn how to dance. They will learn how to meet their goals, which can help them in academics.

Toddler Classes

Ages 2–3 Years Old

Here, your little ones will learn to express themselves through music, dance, and creative play.Starr Studios classes aim to provide a safe and fun environment for children to explore the joy of creative expression. The Toddler Classes are designed to introduce toddlers to artistic expression in a way that is developmentally appropriate, making this the perfect place for your toddler.