About Us

Get to know who we are from our mission & values, to our team, and how we got started!

Our Mission

Experience More than a Dance Class

It’s more than classes,
It’s more than twirls.
It’s more than a journey,
And it’s more than just girls.
It’s more confidence,
It’s more met goals.
It’s more imaginative fun,
And it’s more sparkly bows.
It’s more about We and less about Me.
Starr Studios is: Everything Dance Should Be.
Two teachers with little girls learning about ballet

Diversity Stance

Diversity Poster
We believe poster

Meet the Owner

Miss Serenity

Miss Serenity


It all started with a little Twinkle…

Miss Serenity’s love of dance was born even before preschool. She twirled and whirled her way through a childhood filled with classes, competitions, and performances. She was so sure this was how she wanted to spend the rest of her life that, when she was 10 years’ old, she began writing out Starr Studios’ classes and schedules with all the hope and inspiration a child can contain.

Though she danced all the way to adulthood and all the way to NYC, it wasn’t all as beautiful, loving, and transformational as her beginning years with Miss Christine in a small town. She persevered through a very dark and heartbreaking period with teachers who, like so commonly in the dance industry, inspired pain and negativity, competition and bullying.

After overcoming this challenge, she set out for an even bigger challenge to open

 a dance school with an unwavering, loving culture and a mission to protect and inspire as many children as possible.

She’s been holding to this mission for 15 years. She has diverse and extensive training in a wide variety of styles from all over the US, most notably Seattle and NYC. Having learned from the best of the best, she’s thrilled to pass on the love and knowledge to future generations. 

Not sure if your child will like dance, but want them to try it?

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