We provide more than just dance lessons.

We strive to be a business and performing arts center that is unlike any other in integrity, value, and passion where students of all ages, abilities, and ambitions can come together to learn and grow with a talented, enthusiastic, and loving team.

Magical memories are made here. Friendships are made here. It’s much, much more than tiptoes, tiaras, and twirls! There’s meaning in what we do, and we do it all for you.

Dance lessons are so much more than leaps and turns; it comes with countless benefits you can give to your child. From physical fitness and well-being to building confidence and exploring creativity, there are so many ways your child can benefit with dance classes. While dancing is the main part, choosing the right dance studio for your kids is an equally important part. Your kids should have the best, and learn in a supportive community that gives every child an opportunity to explore their talents and shine. Here are a few reasons why Starr Studios Salem School of Dance might be the right dance studio for your precious little one.

three young girls of various ethnicities smiling and laughing while dressed in tutus for dance class

Friendly Environment

To begin, the whole Starr Community is friendly and welcoming! The instructors are experienced, loving, and have the training to work with children of all ages while fostering a friendly and encouraging environment. Our kindhearted instructors treat every student with compassion, and inspire creativity, passion, and progress. We know that every child is unique and deserves individual attention, so we strive to make sure that every child is treated as a starr, not a number.

young black girl in a purple leotard white tights and ballet shoes doing criss cross applesauce and smiling at her fellow dance classmates

Build Confidence

Unlike some children’s dance studios, Starr Studios is where teamwork and integrity are more important than winning, and passion is more important than perfection. This philosophy has fostered exceptional dance skills and personal growth because when every child feels like a starr, they have the confidence to demonstrate what they have learned without fear of judgment. We teach students not just how to move their body, but how to appreciate, take care of, and honor their bodies by teaching them how their body works and making confidence-building exercises a priority.

teenage dance students performing a tap and jazz routine

Life Skills

We teach and promote the importance of teamwork, hard work, kindness, humility, courage, honesty, and gratitude. Our organized and cohesive curricula compose a dazzling, fully-choreographed journey with many moments along the way to reflect back and celebrate victories and progress. Goal-setting, responsibility, dedication and perseverance are some of the many life skills intentionally woven into our dance classes.

group of little girls in green leotard tutu outfits coming together for a big high five huddle on stage

We See The Whole Child

Our students are safe, respected, cherished, and nurtured from their first plie to their spectacular senior recital! Our professional lesson plans take into account their emotional well-being as it does their physical and developmental well-being. Our passion for teaching and love of dance gives all children the opportunity to benefit from our program, which offers a holistic approach to child education and dancing. Our progressive learning structure encourages individual development before naturally moving to the next class.

Starr Studios is more than just a children’s dance studio. Here is where memories and friendships are built. Give your child the gift of dance classes, friendships and memories that will last forever!