Starr Studios Salem School of Dance in Salem, OR provides a magical environment where children can learn more about themselves while cultivating their love for dancing. With creative and exciting activities, children develop a love and passion for dancing while having fun and building life skills.

Our dance instructors support the compassionate and friendly atmosphere, where children can dance, dream, and embrace their beautiful uniqueness!

dance teacher showing little girls of various ethnicities in leotards and tutus how to do 5th position

The Classes We Offer

Starr Studios offers creative dance classes for children of ages 2 and up. We also offer Tester Months, which are a great way to try it out and make sure they love it before becoming members.

Dance classes include Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Acro Dance, Musical Theater, and Hip-Hop styles.

little girls dance class with arms up and on tippy toes

 The Benefits of Dance Classes

Dancing is a fun and exciting activity to motivate kids to stay healthy. But dancing should not just be about increasing a child’s range of motion, stamina, and physical strength. At Starr Studios, instructors use dancing lessons to encourage creativity and camaraderie, develop lifelong friendships, and find a healthy outlet to express themselves.

three young girls of various ethnicities smiling and laughing while dressed in tutus for dance class

The Starr Studios Culture

Starr Studios is where teamwork and integrity are more important than winning, and passion is more important than perfection. Here at Starr Studios, ALL Kids Shine! We have a unique and unicorn-like culture that has a zero-tolerance policy for the negativity, bullying, and shaming that often comes with Dance. We have very defined and well-known policies in our Code of Ethics and Diversity Stance. We embrace the differences that make us stronger and first and foremost focus on providing a safe and inclusive space.

young women in elegant black dance outfits performing a ballet routine on stage


Starr Studios’ dance lessons are supportive, enthusiastic, and encouraging. Children develop precious life skills and even the shyest break free from their shells. We teach students not just how to move their body, but how to appreciate, take care of, and honor their bodies by teaching them how their body works and making confidence-building exercises a priority.

Starr Studios Salem School of Dance in Salem, OR helps children sparkle and shine from the inside out. With a warm environment, qualified instructors, and passion for teaching children, we are changing lives!

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