Ballet class girl dancing at Starr Studios Salem School of Dance dance studio
Preschool dancer at dance studio
Little girls attending dance lessons for ballet at Starr Studios Salem School of Dance
Little girls at dance lessons at Starr Studios Salem School of Dance

Dance Classes for Toddlers & Preschoolers

We create joyful memories and have fun learning, dancing, exploring, and discovering all of the fun ways our bodies can boogie!

The Movement Exploration Dance Program at Starr Studios in Salem, Oregon, is a two-year, structured-play curriculum that gently introduces children age 2-4½ to the world of physical activity and classroom structures.

At every class, our students shine like starrs as they gallop along pastures, swim with dolphins, fly like fairies, twirl like princesses, and enjoy fancy tea parties with their best friends to develop social skills and confidence. They create so many joyful memories while learning new things, and discovering all the ways our bodies can boogie, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our progressive dance lesson plans and playful stories empower our dancers and encourage creativity while learning basics, balance, coordination, teamwork, and other important classroom and social skills, including listening and taking turns.

Join our playful and imaginative classes at our dance studio to watch your little one grow and develop these important skills. You’ll be delighted to watch their eyes light up during each class!

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Pre-Register today and allow your child to discover a fun dance experience for just $12/class!

Designed for Preschoolers!

Creative Movement involves imaginative play and dance. Using lots of props, we focus playful activities around themes like tea parties, princesses and dreams, sweet treats, jungle safaris, under the sea, rainbows and sunshine.

Kids have so much fun, they don’t realize they’re learning skills like how to share, how to take turns, spatial awareness, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Developmentally, this is usually the first experience outside the home with peers. We help break the ice with fun and build confidence as we try new things together.