Ballet class for children

Come Dance With Us

Not sure if your child will love dance class, but want them to try it? Want to try a different style of dance? Searching for a new studio? No matter what your needs are, Starr Studios is here to meet them! Learn more about our Tester Class and reach out to us today to get started!

Give It a Go!

If you’re looking at having your child try out dance first, we highly suggest our Tester Month. It’s the perfect way to test out our studio and make sure your child loves it before becoming a member. You can even mix and match other classes so they can try them all! A Tester Month includes any four classes within 30 days. It’s slightly higher than a member’s discounted rate, but if your child loves it and you decide to register them for dance classes at our studio, it will drop back down to the member rate of just $12-14 per class.

We have a simple dress code of a leotard, tights, and shoes. However, if you don’t have these things before your child attends the Tester Class, there’s nothing to worry about, as we can help you get the proper attire. However, we do recommend that you send your child to Tester Classes in something comfortable they can move, bend, and play in. There are no special colors required for our dance classes.

At Starr Studios Salem School of Dance, we want each of our students to love coming to our classes. That’s why we offer Tester Classes, so they can decide whether they want to learn to dance, which types of classes they’re interested in, and more. To schedule your Tester Month, please complete this form. We’ll reach out and answer any questions you may have before your child’s first dance class. We look forward to helping your child develop their passion for dance!

Tester Policies:

  • The Tester Program is a commitment-free program!
  • Students test during regular classes so they can meet the teachers and their classmates
  • The non-refundable tuition is paid in advance
  • The tuition is $5 higher than our members’ discounted rates
  • The membership is not due during the Tester Month