Tap & Jazz dance lessons at dance studio in Salem, Oregon
Tap dance recital by Starr Studios Salem School of Dance
Tap dance lessons at Starr Studios Salem School of Dance
Dance lessons at dance studio, Starr Studios Salem School of Dance

Tap & Jazz

Our jazz programs are fun, upbeat classes for the creative and passionate dancer. Miss Serenity, our jazz dance guru, encourages, motivates, and inspires Starr students to soar to new heights–both literally and figuratively. Jazz dancing is an excellent way to challenge oneself, build strength, develop amazing coordination, increase endurance, and build self-confidence.

Our 3 to 11-year-old programs use progressive dance lesson plans and playful stories to empower our dancers and encourage creativity while learning jazz basics, balance, coordination, teamwork, and other classroom and social skills, including listening and taking turns.

Our pre-teen and teen programs focus on safe and proper technique and alignment, which requires learning how to work with our body instead of against it. Students learn jumps, turns, tricks, and all of the jazz basics. Because there are so many different styles of jazz dance, we will use an eclectic approach, teaching different roots and styles. Discover our unique dance experience at our dance studio in Salem, Oregon!

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