1) Are the instructors experienced?

Answer: Yes. Our instructors are required to have at least 10 years of experience in dance and 5 years of teaching experience or adequate participation in a professional training program.

2) How many students are in each class?

Answer: Class sizes vary but are kept small for educational and safety purposes.

3) Does the student have to wear special clothing?

Answer: Yes. In dance, you have to dress your best to do your best! Please review the dress code in the Student Handbook.

4) Can I just try the class?

Answer: Absolutely! Choose from the following options:

Single Tester Class

Although a single tester class will not give the student a full picture of our dance programs, it will get their feet wet, so to speak! Tester class rates are $1.50 or higher than our regular discounted rates. Please call (503) 581-7103 or email info@starrstudiossalem.com to schedule a tester class.

Tester Month

This is the best option for trying out a new activity, especially for the little ones! With this option, students can mix-and-match any four classes in a 30 day period. This works especially well for students wanting to test multiple classes to decide on a style. Tester month cost varies depending on class length. For more information or to sign up for your tester month, please call (503) 581-7103 or email info@starrstudiossalem.com.

5) Can the parents observe class?

Answer: All of our studios have observation areas.

6) Do you have performances?

Answer: Yes – we love performing! Our big performances are in June and December. Students must be company members to participate in most community performances, however, we typically hold all-studio performances at retirement homes during the holiday season as well.

7) How do I pay tuition?

Answer: We have two options for you.

Option 1

By cash or debit/credit card monthly on the first of each month.
We collect the first month’s tuition and a $25 deposit before classes begin and then simply collect tuition on the first of every month along with a small autopay opt out charge.

Option 2

By secure, easy, convenient automatic deductions from a checking account. Save time and money!
This service is free to our clients. Withdrawals may be terminated with a written request 30 days in advance. We use a company with the highest level of compliance (1) and your account information is not kept on file at the school after account verification. We do not collect a deposit or monthly administration fee for auto-pay students.

8) Will I be charged for missed classes?

Answer: Because tuition is paid on the first of the current month, students will have already paid for the class that they miss. Students are encouraged to make up their missed classes within 60 days (or before the end of the season if there are less than 60 days remaining). Missed, partial, and observed classes are not refunded. Make up classes expire after 60 days or the end of the fall or summer season.

9) How much is it per month?

Answer: Tuition is determined by total class time and the number of classes in the month. The table below shows the average cost per class. Please keep in mind that tuition is paid monthly and not by the class, as shown below.

Age 2-4 5-7 8-18 8-18 Adult
Length 30 Min 45 Min 60 Min 90 Min 60 Min
Price Per Class $11 $12 $13 $16 $13

10) How much is registration? Do I have to register every year?

Answer: Your membership is collected at the beginning of each dance season (Fall or Summer). You can also choose an Annual Membership to save 20%.

1 Student 2 Students Family
Fall Membership $35.00 $45.00 $55.00
(September through June Recital)
Summer Membership $15.00 $25.00 $35.00
(End of June through August)

11) Does the student get a costume for the end-of-year recital in June? Do we get to keep it?

Answer: Yes. Students purchase sparkly and dazzling costumes for the big end-of-year recital in June. A child’s costume is usually under $60.00 and an adult costume is usually under $70.00. All students get to keep their costumes and usually receive one, but may receive up to two or three depending on the class.

12) How do you place students in classes?

Answer: We place based on age and ability. Instructors individually determine if advanced placement is appropriate. Please contact us for more information.

13) Do you teach private lessons or private group lessons?

Answer: Yes! We teach private lessons for many reasons including upcoming events such as weddings, competitions, pageants, or just brushing up. All you need to do is contact an office member at (503) 581-7103 to schedule a style, time, and start date!

14) Do you accept beginners?

Answer: Absolutely! We accept dancers of all levels and overall goals, whether they be recreational or professional.

15) Do you have boys?

Answer: You bet. Rest assured that dance is not a “girl sport”. There are many famous male dancers and we are here to help support and encourage our boys to do what they love!

16) Do you have adult classes?

Answer: Absolutely! We offer the most variety in adult dance classes in the area. We accept adults of all levels, such as beginners, re-starters, and long-timers. Check our calendar for our current adult classes!

17) Do you give multi-class or family discounts?

Answer: You bet! You will receive 10% off your second class, 20% off your third class, and 30% off of additional classes, whether they are for one student or several. To find the perfect Starr Pricing Package for your family, please call (503) 581-7103.

18) How often are classes?

Classes are typically once per week, however, most students take more than one class and are at the studio sometimes upwards of 3-4 times per week! How often you want to take class is up to you. Just remember, the more they take, the faster they will progress.

19) What classes do you have for my toddler?

We have a imaginative, playful, and fun Tiny Tots, Twirl & Twinkle, and Spin & Sparkle classes for your 2-4.5 year old. See the Creative Movement class page on our website for more information on how your toddler could learn the basics of ballet, jazz, or tap in a fun and creative way with wings, wands, and all!